Friday, 29 February 2008

Kudlu Falls

Last Saturday, our class spent one of our best moments as a class together. We went on a picnic to Kudlu Falls near Hebri, about 1.5 hours from our college.

We started at around 8:30 a.m. Around 50 of us were present (of 70+ people in the class). We first stopped to collect food packets for the afternoon lunch.

The bus then took us to Hebri, where the bus was suddenly stopped. When asked why the driver had stopped, we got the shock of our lives. The bus won't go further because the road was too narrow and steep. It would be dangerous to take the bus any further. And that meant, we had to walk. We were told that we would have to walk about 2 kilometres. NOT. We realised that we had to walk 4.5 kilometres. And not ONLY walk, but climb rocks, crawl under fallen trees, cross streams and go through thick wood and narrow steep and dangerous paths. We were optimistic that it would be a piece of cake when we were with friends. Piece of cake, my foot. We climbed and climbed and climbed, and the path never ended. We were dog-tired, but kept going singing along inspirational songs completely out of tune from being breathless. Nevertheless, it was fun, and exciting to be experiencing dangerous steeps and narrow paths.We even enjoyed being breathless and tired.

Finally after about 1.5 hours we got the first glimpse of the waterfall. It was like heaven. On seeing the waterfall, energy piped up in us from nowhere.

On reaching the waterfall, we were awespired! It was beautiful! It was more than worth all the climbing and walking. The waterfall, the rocks, the hills - simply WOW!! All our tiredness drained off. We immediately got into the water. The water was so cold, some of us were shivering inside out. We then went under the cold waterfall and had the time of our lives, playing, singing, dancing, screaming - just freaking out under that cold waterfall. At around 1:30p.m. we had our lunch - delicious biriyani and salad.

After lunch, some of us still weren't finished with enjoying the water. So we played ball in the water (while I watched) for a while. It was soon time to go. We again made the 2 hour trek back toward the bus. The backward journey was easier since we mostly had to climb down the rocks and were already familiar with the route. We reached the bus in 1.5 hours. And no, the fun was not over yet. We climbed over the bus and enjoyed a bit over there. It was 5p.m. by then and it was really time to go back.

Oh, the fun and dance in the bus!! And the body-aches and sprains the next day!! It sure was one of the best times of my life. Since then, our class has become so united, so much more caring and responsible. Wow! I'm proud to be a part of my class.

Just yesterday, our class went to a restaurant for being treated by the valedictorian of the class. Though the number was less than the number that came for the picnic, I was amazed to see how free everyone was. So free that they freely told who their crushes were. Amazing, isn't it?


Harshit Gupta: My big big world said...

Thanks a ton....
Finally I got how to experiment... Now I'm experimenting on my other blog and I hope I'll be getting good results soon..
Thanks a lot..
by the way, I got another thing regarding ur blog.. children like it a lot.. all the colorful feeling... my niece was asking me why I have put such a colorless blog if there could exist such beautiful blogs.. :)

Manasa said...

Thanks so much. I'm truly flattered. I'm glad my blog makes children feel that the world is colourful. I really love colours, and anything to do with it. :D
I'm glad I could be of help to you.
Have a great week!

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