Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Colour Tablets

I make a time-table layout every semester. And this one below, is the layout for this semester. I kind of like it, probably because, as you would already be aware, because I love colours.
Six days of college, Six columns


Peter said...

I just came across your blog here in the London.. I like the colours theme. If you havent seen it already, check out the Jose Gonzalez video for 'Heartbeats' on you tube. Its am amazing video... you might enjoy it.


Manasa said...

Thank you so much for your comment. It made my day. I will surely check out the video.

Harshit Gupta: My big big world said...

Hi Manasa,

Chose to reply on this particular post cause I really liked the pic a lot.

Actually there's something I want to know. Could u please tell me how to increase the width of ur entire blog as that of urs. When I try these templates I get a limited width that is hardly 80%.

And I do not know what is there that needs to be changed in the XML document if its possible through there. (know only HTML n CSS in this field)

By the way. thanks for ur comments on my blog. :)

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