Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Timetable layout - term 4 and 5

Paisa vasool

Totally! If there's one thing that counts as a return on investment of Rs. 12 lakhs at MDI, it's term 5 for a marketing student who likes finance (but doesn't want a finance job) and also likes graphic designing. Haha so yeah, it's just me. But it really has been my most productive, most value-adding, most fun term at MDI. I'd pay all of the fees I've paid here for this one term. It was probably the choice of subjects, but it was who taught the subject that made all the difference and makes MDI such a good institute (and no, that's not a Corpcommer talking).

I had taken three marketing subjects -
  • Business Marketing, Prof. Vinod Kalia
  • Issues in Rural Marketing, Prof. Sanjay Chandwani
  • Customer Relationship Management, Prof. Dhruv Nath and Prof. Neelu Bhullar
And two finance subjects -
  • Behavioural Finance and Business Valuation, Prof. Sanjay Bakshi
  • Management of Banking and Financial Institutions, Prof. N. Bhusnurmath

Why it was so great studying these subjects was because these professors are authorities on the subject, and learning from someone who's had decades of experience (that is still continuing, through consulting assignments) adds a whole new dimension to the learning. If that's not all, the passion that these professors have in what they do makes it that much more compelling. And I say this for every professor that has taught me in term 5, even though I know that not all of my friends would agree with it.

That's just academics. Outside the classroom, it was organized chaos! I've been involved in graphic design work for a lot of clubs, member or not, and that has kept me busy the rest of the time, when I wasn't having fun with friends. And helping out gave me returns I did not ask for - Mahindra War Room, some recognition, some pats-on-the-back, invitations to invite-only parties (like the National Alumni Meet - what an experience!), and of course, more design work!

Imperium, Illumina, Delphique and Akshayam - no matter how many people say otherwise, this year's events were more fun than last year's. Probably because all my friends were here, and not at home, but these events have been particularly instrumental in forging closer friendships with friends and acquaintances.

And of course - trips! Agra, Lucknow, Mumbai, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. Could this term have been an better?