Monday, 2 July 2012


With half the year gone, half of my life at a B-School done, it is time for a mid-review, or maybe even a mid-course correction.

Whichever half you take - half of 2012 or half of B-School life - it has been nothing short of amazing. Life's most eventful, most exciting, most happening time this period has been.

The juniors have come and in a small way we're living through our first year all over again through their induction week and other experiences. Second year of MBA has become a little bit of a challenge considering the level of study has suddenly shot up; the professors expect a lot more, the subjects delve deeper into concepts and have come even more application-oriented. And I still feel a little clueless about what I need to do with all this information. But then, all this is part of study and college life, so it's all ok. I'm sure the second year will pass in the blink of an eye and soon I'll be wondering why it all had to end. In fact, I already find myself wishing sometimes that this never ends and that I would never have to go through the drill of corporate life and work politics, and have very little to worry about.

As for the resolutions, I did do a pretty good job of no expectations, no boundaries, no rules for quite some time. I did things quite unexpected of me (nothing bad, if that's what you're thinking about), and when you don't expect much from life in general, life throws surprises - some good, some bad, mostly good - and it makes life a little interesting. That's deteriorated over time and now I find myself expecting, and hoping, and then starting to live in hope that something happened or something didn't happen. And this is where I think my midcourse correction comes. Life's become a little too predictable at this point, and to make it a little interesting, I'll have to make this mid-course correction and take life one day at a time.

Otherwise, life's just been wonderful to me, and I hope that it continues this way.