Friday, 19 October 2012

I've been away so long because.. + timetable layout - term 4

I've just been plain lazy. Ok so the last term was incredibly hectic (so glad it was a short one), but this term in terms of academics it's quite spaced out and chilled out with very little to do. Or so I thought until work came up, and ever since then I've had the busiest, and the most enjoyable, time ever! I've been occupied though with my favourite timepass - design work for the event club I'm a part of - Imperium.

First of all I made the logo look better:

And then designed the brochure:

Cover Page
Made a few posters for events:

Cultural Events
Management Events
Nautica 2012
Event by the Marketing Club, MarQuity
Nautica 2011. Ok so this is last year's work ;)
Designed team t-shirts:
Paresh, the Imperium Secy
Designed sweatshirts for the club:
And also for the Alumni Committee (free sweatshirt in return! Yay!!):
I'm a Mandevian For Life!
 And a lot of work for the Sports Committee, for which I get a free and exclusive Chhotey Santre Football Club (CSFC) jersey! (Double yayy!!)
MDI Exclusive!
And a logo for Illumina (which ultimately got rejected, but since I helped Shanmug - the other way round rather - with the one that DID get selected, another free t-shirt!!)

Annnnd a logo for W5H, the quizzing SIG, along with Shanmug (made me part of the club!! :D )
Product of Team MaSh
 And finally the logo and the standees that will live for years to come - the logo for the Placement Committtee's Incendo corporate talk series) [nope, no freebies here :( ]
Four such standees, also Team MaSh

And for my own personal projects, I made a 3D map of MDI with the help of Google Maps and Google Sketchup, which we then used exclusively for the Google+ Get Social competition that I am taking part in.
 And of course, the timetable that was due on this blog months ago!
See? I HAVE been busy! No?