Sunday, 30 March 2008

Trip to Bangalore

This post has been pending since long. Two weeks ago, two of my friends and I and mum and my sister and my friend's friend had been to Bangalore. My roommate and I had been planning this trip since the previous semester, wasting long hours during exams discussing where and when we could plan this trip. We finally got a 3 day long spring vacation (as our American counterparts would like to put it). We planned our trip to spend the three days in Bangalore to simply get away from the monotonous routine and spend quality time with friends. My roommate Cheeky, neighbour and friend, Bunny, Bunny's friend from Bangalore, my mum, my sister and I were there. Neighbour, friend and Bunny's roommate Crystal would've been with us if it weren't for Good Friday and Easter. So out of 4 friends at the hostel, only 3 of us went - Cheeky, Bunny and me. We started on Thursday night by train and reached Bangalore the next morning. Here's a short rundown of our stay there-

Day 1: Our main attraction, Wonderla amusement park. We had the best time ever, all the thrill rides and the virtual reality show and the musical fountain.. just WOW!!. Below are some videos[coming soon] and pictures:

Day 2: We went shopping at Commercial Street with mum and sis, since they would leave early next morning. I bought these:

Day 3: (Window)Shopping with Cheeky, Bunny and Bunny's friend at Garuda mall, Globus and the tibetan shopping area. Bought these:

That same night we (Cheeky, Bunny and me) caught a bus to reach the hostel the next morning. It really shouldn't have been surprising, but I was surprised to see many of my college (and hostel) mates in the same bus.

Monday, 3 March 2008

'to complete' tag

I got this tag from leo1969. You have to complete the 'sentence'
My ex is: inexistent
I am listening to: the sound of keys being pressed on my keyboard
Maybe I should: be more productive
I love: colours and listening to music
My best friend: is my sister
I don't understand: what I was born for
I have no respect for: people who are full of themselves
I hate: being treated like I'm invisible
The meaning of my screen name is: 'blue' is my favourite colour and 'potion' is dedicated to my favourite fictional character Severus Snape, the potions master
Love is: what you can't live without
Somewhere, someone is: looking for me
I will always: follow my heart
Forever seems: like forever
I never want to: be sad

I would like to pass this tag to Ebbtide, CuteFairy, JoshHarrow. But whoever wants to take this, please feel free to do so.