Friday, 28 December 2007

A Leaf?

You'd think it's a leaf. Well, it's not. This little thing is an insect, perfectly and beautifully camouflaged as a leaf. I didn't believe it either, until I saw it move. You're asking me where in the world I found it? I don't think you'd like to know. I'll tell you anyway - I found it in the toilet. Yeah, that's right. This little village where our college is, is surrounded by lush green, and is home to a large number and variety of insects, birds, animals (mostly cats and dogs) and most of all our biological neighbours - the monkeys, which I think are of the same number as the students. Ok, I exaggerated about the monkey number, but you get it, right? So, this is just one fragment of the bio-diversity here, that always amazes me.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Happy 2008!!

I won't be blogging until 8th of Jan 2008. So, if anybody of you happens to come across this page, here's me wishing you,


..and before that ..

May all that's good come your way today and always. =).

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Mahima's Bharatanatyam Performance

Mahima, my sister, performing a Bharatanatyam dance for the National Conference of Pharmacy on behalf of her college (PESCP).

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Voyages to the Beginning of Time

I found this real cool article on the NASA website, a little about time travel. This was the first time ever that I actually understood the concept of travelling back in time. I know now, what actually is the meaning of time travel, how it works and most importantly, WHEN it works.

Here's the link:

Friday, 30 November 2007


Here's the Liliman I was talking about.

My First Ever Clay Animation

This is my first ever clay animation. OK, it's not clay. I didn't have clay. So I used BluTack. There's no theme, no meaning. It's just a random experiment that I did with the BluTack that I had since years, but rarely used. I'm thinking of making more 'nicer' and 'neater' ones next time. I already a tiny man I call Liliman. I'll post his pic soon (in a few hours)

Saturday, 17 November 2007

My study table again..

After my table was cleaned yesterday. Feels clean and good now. I can happily start studying now.

Friday, 16 November 2007

My study table

The messiest my table has been since a long long time. It also means that I haven't studied since weeks. I never learn. *sigh*

Friday, 9 November 2007

Happy Diwali!!

I'm so *HAPPY* I'm celebrating Diwali at home!!! Yay!! So, here are some pictures for you.

A rangoli my mum did near the entrance of the house..

A rangoli the maid did near the gate (visible in the next pic too..)

My dad, sis and mum..

Thursday, 25 October 2007

My Musical Taste as on October 25

Musical Taste
female vocalists 13.65%
rock 11.33%
latin 6.25%
Soundtrack 3.35%
irish 3.25%
alternative 2.98%
Hindi 2.53%
indie 2.31%
bollywood 2%
Major tags > 2 % 75.86%

Other Tags <2% 24.14%
rnb 1.45%
dance 1.35%
britpop 1.21%
Love 1.09%
wizard rock 1.08%
world 1%
british 0.98%
boybands 0.87%
folk 0.82%
new age 0.72%
Hip-Hop 0.69%
celtic 0.64%
alternative rock 0.63%
Canadian 0.59%
christmas 0.55%
The Good Stuff 0.53%
punk 0.52%
Gothic 0.48%
music i am curious about 0.46%
male 0.45%
sexy 0.45%
favourite artists 0.43%
punk rock 0.43%
90s 0.43%
bolly 0.43%
latin pop 0.43%
Disco 0.4%
spanish 0.37%
indie rock 0.34%
Bollywood Soundtracks 0.32%
comedy 0.32%
cabaret 0.32%
seen live 0.32%
Nu Metal 0.31%
swedish 0.28%
vocal jazz 0.27%
mysterious 0.26%
singer-songwriter 0.23%
Bhangra 0.23%
piano 0.22%
Classical 0.18%
Scottish 0.16%
desi 0.16%
Punjabi OST 0.15%
classic rock 0.15%
instrumental 0.14%

Friday, 12 October 2007

Dignity of Labour

I received a letter from Melanie, my friend from Germany. It's a beautiful letter. I was amazed by the way she's written it. Anyway, what amazed me more what the profession of her father - he is a truck driver, and inspite of that he owns a car. Which truck driver in India would be able to own, forget a car, a two-wheeler? It made me realise what exactly standard-of-living meant. The standard of living in Germany is high. And that's why Germany is a developed country, and India is developing - It forever will be. Inspite of her parents' low-profile jobs, Melanie has travelled wide. I'm impressed! I wish I could do that. But I can't, even if I want to, and that's because there is NO dignity of labour in India. If my father were a truck-driver, I would have had no respect here. People would've called me 'that truck driver's daughter', and would've sniggered. That angers me. So what if I'm a truck-drivers daughter. At least, the father's working hard to raise his family. Everybody here wants a white-collar job. People with blue-collar jobs are looked down upon. That's bad. That, in my opinion, is not right. And that is one of the reasons why children are not allowed to work and earn some extra money during their days of study. The children obviously cannot do white-collar jobs, and hence would've had to do blue-collar jobs such as baby-sitting, or lawn-mowing, or watering plants, or cleaning a library or any such stuff (that my friends abroad are doing). And since there's NO dignity of labour, we can't do such work and earn. Even if the child forced, the parents would say, "We're not such a poor condition to go work as such low-class people". *sigh* India will never improve. Children would HAVE to depend on parents until 21 years of age, or, in a few cases, 17 years of age. I'm happy I'm going to turn 21 years of age in a year. I, probably, will not have to depend on my parents so much, that is if I opt to work. But if I opt to continue further studies, I will again have to depend on them. But, most probably, I will work.

Friday, 5 October 2007

Scene of the Anthill

Here's the picture that I was complimented about:

Sunday, 2 September 2007


Yesterday I was trying to beautify photographs on my computer. These are my favourite. Mahima says it's a bit extra-blurred, I suppose it is too. Anyway here they are..

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Outre Pixels

My first ever digital modern art

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Sight-Seeing - Chennai

On Sunday, we went to Chennai and did some sight-seeing finally, after three weeks of home-arrest. Gosh, that was such a relief and a welcome change. We enjoyed loads. We first had sandwich and black-forest in the Chennai station, and then we climbed a dirty Chevrolet and drove to some museum. When we reached there, we found it closed since it was a Sunday. From there we went to the San Thome church. Along the way, we also got a glimpse of the Reserve Bank of India. Then we had a tough time deciding where to go (there were so many places to visit), so we finally decided to have lunch (at Spencer Plaza) and then head to Mahabalipuram. It was a beautiful place with monoliths, truly I enjoyed the visit to that place. I'm glad we didn't go to the boat club and crocodile park etc.. I'm sure we wouldn't have enjoyed as much as we enjoyed in Mahabalipuram. We saw a LOT of foreigners there, which was cool because it made me proud that they feel the need to come and visit India. The driver of the cab entertained us with long-forgotten melodius songs.. like Bol Sajni Mori Sajni from Doli Sajake Rakhna, A R Rahman's patriotic songs and the like. We reached back at the station at around 7.15 p.m. We had supper there, and then headed home. Oh well, the journey was fine, but once we got down the train (after travelling illegally in the AC coach when we had an unreserved ticket. I feel ashamed to write that dad had to bribe the TTE) the ticket-checking inspector caught us for defaulting telling that we had a ticket for an express/mail train, but we came in a super-fast express train. We didn't know about this difference, and were caught. Dad could've bribed him again, and escape. But to save that money and get off, he argued with the inspector. . as if the inspector would simply let him off. The inpector then took him to his office and wrote a fine-slip. Dad got wild and he yelled too, and the situation had become tense. We went to the inspector's office and mum controlled the situation, payed the fine, and we walked off highly embarrassed and insulted. At home too, the discussion continued (dad was in a rage) and (mad me) I was going to get into a tiny feud with him (mum stopped us again, thankfully). But I couldn't help him too, because dad was taking sides of the militants explaining that he understands why they become so. Finally, Mahi went off to sleep, and looking at her I went off to sleep too.

The next day (that is, on Monday) evening we visited the Vellore fort/temple. It's actually a fort which has a beautiful huge temple inside it. I was initially not interested in visiting it, but when I actually saw the temple, I was awed. I loved it, and didn't feel like leaving the place. It was getting darker and was impossible to see anything, so we came back home. On the way, Mahi and me were discussing about how if people from ancient times came, their reactions would be. It was funny actually thinking about it, putting yourself in their shoes and look in wonder if you're in the same place that you once lived in. :D We reached home, had supper and (after spending time downloading stuff from the internet) and slept to wake up today.

Gurus of Peace

Here's one of my favourite songs. Well.. I kinda felt patriotic today, so here is my favourite patriotic song. Actually, I can't call it patriotic, it's a song on World Peace. It's called Gurus of Peace and is sung by A R Rahman (my favourite music composer), popular Pakistani singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and a bunch of kids. I think it's a beautiful song..

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Thursday, 2 August 2007

Evening Pics

Here are a few pictures that I clicked in the evening today: (I think they are cool)

Monday, 30 July 2007

Dedicated to Snape, Dumbledore, and all my favourite HP characters

This post is dedicated to my favourite characters in the Harry Potter. Here's a picture of them.
It's my favourite of the favourites, Severus Snape, right in the centre; and Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, Dobby, Nymphadora Tonks, Ginny Weasley, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. And for all the who are no more *sniff* REST IN PEACE *sniff* You'll always remain in my heart. *sniff sniff*

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Favourite Harry Potter Books

Here's my list of favourite Harry Potter books in order:
  1. Half-blood Prince, Deathly Hallows
  2. Order of the Phoenix
  3. Goblet of Fire
  4. Prisoner of Azkaban
  5. Philosopher's Stone
  6. Chamber of Secrets

Thursday, 26 July 2007

J K Rowling

Wow!! I've finally finished reading the Deathly Hallows. It's a wonderful book!!! I love it. Dobby's and Snape's death made me cry. Tears swelled out of my eyes. The Battle of Hogwarts too made me cry too.. such unity! :) *sniff* This book takes equal place with the Half Blood Prince. So, I've got two favourites now.

Here's a video of Jo reading the second half of the first chapter, in my favourite accent. Oh, I love it so!

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I finally have access to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I've finished reading half the book, and I must say, that the book is very intriguing. It's bloody, full of death, but it's a wonderful book. Nevertheless, right now, I cannot get myself to say that this is my favourite book. As of now Half-blood Prince, the sixth one, is my favourite. Well, I suppose, it's too early to judge Deathly Hallows. It's upsetting that this will be the last Harry Potter book. I think that Harry Potter is one of the best things that has happened to this world. Hats of to Jo for writing such a wonderful series. I hope that she gives us many of such wonderful books.

Monday, 23 July 2007

Shreya Ghoshal's Khoee Khoee Yaadein

Here is Shreya Ghoshal's (my 2nd favourite singer) video from Sa Re Ga Ma. Khoee Khoee Yaadein.. beautifully sung!

Friday, 23 March 2007

Alan Rickman - The Greatest!

Here's the pic that I got from Alan Rickman, The Greatest

Oh.. He's so handsome. Thank you so much, Alan. :D

Thursday, 15 March 2007

The Perfect BluePotion Fairy Tale

It's getting worse.. Previously I listened to 4 lectures out of 6. Now it's reduced to 3. Now I listen only during the Microprocessors (MP), Graph Theory and Combinatorics (GTC) and Math classes. During the Algorithms (ADA), Finite Automata and Formal Languages (FAFL), and Computer Organisation (CO) classes all I do is talk or draw and have fun.

Today during the FAFL class, which I used to listen to previously, I wrote a funny story which was quite a hit around my desk. (Did I mention that I sit in the last-but-one row?) :D So, I thought I must put it here. It's exactly the way it's written in my book. It makes references to previous writing, but anyways here it is:

(BluePotion is a name I fancy myself, So I'm the BluePotion. hehe..)

Once upon a time in history, sorry no geography.. only civics.. and no economics please. OK.. So there was this girl called Ammu (She's my classmate, and a close friend). She was a very cranky child. So she always cried. Once she fell in love with another cranky boy called Abhi. They didn't run away but they went to a jungle called Nitte and got married. And they ran away to a fairy land where a fairy called Sabrina, the Deepa Nair (Another classmate and close friend). She granted them 3 wishes. So Ammu asked for a child who looks like Ammu.. But Sabrina was not in a good mood. So she gave them a baby boy who looked like Ammu. So the boy was very girlish. There was a bad witch called BluePotion, the Manasa who laughed and laughed until she could laugh no more and so, the boys 'mard'ness (Hindi word, mard, meaning male) jaag utha and he became a proper boy. Ok.. so this is good.

So.. the next wish was to give Ammu long hair. The witch Sabrina was happy with her creation of the boy. So she granted Ammu long hair. But unfortunately, or fortunately, she got so much hair on her head, she also grew hair on her hands and lips and face and got a small beard.

Again, the bad witch BluePotion laughed and laughed and laughed. But sadly, nothing happened. Ammu's hair remained long. She had to shave everyday. But Abhi was happy because now he has company when he shaves off his beard.

Ok.. now for the third wish. Ammu and Abhi's combined wish was to get another baby. This time a baby girl. But this time, Sabrina was tired of all this work of granting a baby boy and long hair. So, BluePotion volunteered and said she'll do it. So, BluePotion gave them a baby girl who looks like BluePotion, so Ammu will always remember the bad witch. Because of the goodness of the bad witch, this second child was very intelligent, and sang well - specially the BluePotion song (for more information see BluePotion's book) and also prayed well to Ganapathi, just like Ammu. This child was not cranky like Ammu.

After, the 3 wishes where granted, the whole new family went to Ammu's house and they lived happily ever after. Tada!! (Tada, added by Deepa Nair).

Monday, 12 February 2007

Quote by Patrick White

Here's another quote that I like:

"I dunno," Arthur said, "I forget what I was taught, I only remember what I've learnt."
- Patrick White

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Sleep: Thursday, 28th December, 2006, 23:20

People think of different things so they drift off to sleep. Like, Vibha thinks of a candle somewhere far in a room; she imagines herself looking at it endlessly until she falls asleep. Mmm.. I wonder what others think!

Well, when I want to drift off to sleep, and I’m not sleepy, I think of a story. A story, where I’m the main character, and it’s usually sort of a fairy tale where only good things happen. It’s usually about a ‘perfect’ life that a person can have. Beauty, fame, good-will, success, happiness, peace, undiminished wealth - all these things are contained in the story of the life of the person (me, of course). I’m not a very good story-creator, but as long as it makes me drift to sleep, I don’t care, and that happens when I can no longer continue the story further.

Sunday, 14 January 2007

Umrao Jaan

One of the most boring movies I've seen. Music is good though. I like Salaam, Pehle Pehel, and Agle Janam Mohe. Not that the others are bad. Alka Yagnik is at her best in this movie. Aishwarya Rai looks awesome, but her dances are awful. Every time she danced, my head said "Madhuri would have been perfect. Where is she?". Ash's voice reminded me of (I think it resembles) Rekha. I couldn't watch more than 1 CD, so I didn't watch enough to comment about Abhishek's performance. I guess it's ok. He's improved a lot. Thank God, I didn't watch this movie in the cinema hall. There are a thousand better things I can do, than watch this stupid chewing-gum movie.