Thursday, 15 March 2007

The Perfect BluePotion Fairy Tale

It's getting worse.. Previously I listened to 4 lectures out of 6. Now it's reduced to 3. Now I listen only during the Microprocessors (MP), Graph Theory and Combinatorics (GTC) and Math classes. During the Algorithms (ADA), Finite Automata and Formal Languages (FAFL), and Computer Organisation (CO) classes all I do is talk or draw and have fun.

Today during the FAFL class, which I used to listen to previously, I wrote a funny story which was quite a hit around my desk. (Did I mention that I sit in the last-but-one row?) :D So, I thought I must put it here. It's exactly the way it's written in my book. It makes references to previous writing, but anyways here it is:

(BluePotion is a name I fancy myself, So I'm the BluePotion. hehe..)

Once upon a time in history, sorry no geography.. only civics.. and no economics please. OK.. So there was this girl called Ammu (She's my classmate, and a close friend). She was a very cranky child. So she always cried. Once she fell in love with another cranky boy called Abhi. They didn't run away but they went to a jungle called Nitte and got married. And they ran away to a fairy land where a fairy called Sabrina, the Deepa Nair (Another classmate and close friend). She granted them 3 wishes. So Ammu asked for a child who looks like Ammu.. But Sabrina was not in a good mood. So she gave them a baby boy who looked like Ammu. So the boy was very girlish. There was a bad witch called BluePotion, the Manasa who laughed and laughed until she could laugh no more and so, the boys 'mard'ness (Hindi word, mard, meaning male) jaag utha and he became a proper boy. Ok.. so this is good.

So.. the next wish was to give Ammu long hair. The witch Sabrina was happy with her creation of the boy. So she granted Ammu long hair. But unfortunately, or fortunately, she got so much hair on her head, she also grew hair on her hands and lips and face and got a small beard.

Again, the bad witch BluePotion laughed and laughed and laughed. But sadly, nothing happened. Ammu's hair remained long. She had to shave everyday. But Abhi was happy because now he has company when he shaves off his beard.

Ok.. now for the third wish. Ammu and Abhi's combined wish was to get another baby. This time a baby girl. But this time, Sabrina was tired of all this work of granting a baby boy and long hair. So, BluePotion volunteered and said she'll do it. So, BluePotion gave them a baby girl who looks like BluePotion, so Ammu will always remember the bad witch. Because of the goodness of the bad witch, this second child was very intelligent, and sang well - specially the BluePotion song (for more information see BluePotion's book) and also prayed well to Ganapathi, just like Ammu. This child was not cranky like Ammu.

After, the 3 wishes where granted, the whole new family went to Ammu's house and they lived happily ever after. Tada!! (Tada, added by Deepa Nair).

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