Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Sleep: Thursday, 28th December, 2006, 23:20

People think of different things so they drift off to sleep. Like, Vibha thinks of a candle somewhere far in a room; she imagines herself looking at it endlessly until she falls asleep. Mmm.. I wonder what others think!

Well, when I want to drift off to sleep, and I’m not sleepy, I think of a story. A story, where I’m the main character, and it’s usually sort of a fairy tale where only good things happen. It’s usually about a ‘perfect’ life that a person can have. Beauty, fame, good-will, success, happiness, peace, undiminished wealth - all these things are contained in the story of the life of the person (me, of course). I’m not a very good story-creator, but as long as it makes me drift to sleep, I don’t care, and that happens when I can no longer continue the story further.

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