Monday, 3 March 2008

'to complete' tag

I got this tag from leo1969. You have to complete the 'sentence'
My ex is: inexistent
I am listening to: the sound of keys being pressed on my keyboard
Maybe I should: be more productive
I love: colours and listening to music
My best friend: is my sister
I don't understand: what I was born for
I have no respect for: people who are full of themselves
I hate: being treated like I'm invisible
The meaning of my screen name is: 'blue' is my favourite colour and 'potion' is dedicated to my favourite fictional character Severus Snape, the potions master
Love is: what you can't live without
Somewhere, someone is: looking for me
I will always: follow my heart
Forever seems: like forever
I never want to: be sad

I would like to pass this tag to Ebbtide, CuteFairy, JoshHarrow. But whoever wants to take this, please feel free to do so.

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Josh Harrow said...

I really have to say SORRY. I read your post today, it was buried in my feedreader (which I should really clean up because there are way to many feeds) for to long. So I saw, that you passed the tag to me. Thank you very much. Here are my answers :-)

Much fun in Bangalore and many greets from Germany
Josh :-)

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