Saturday, 2 February 2008

Riviera '08 : Day 4 : Shankar Mahadevan's concert

Shankar Mahadevan's concert last night was simply SUPERB! This time I really don't have words to describe my experience. One of the best concerts I've ever attended (not that I've attended many, but still). Shankar Mahadevan is now going into my list of favourite singers, not only because he's such a versatile singer, but also because of his humility and jovial nature. I love famous people who are humble and down-to-earth. I just loved Shankar Mahadevan!! Way to go, Shankar!!! *love*

Here are some pictures of the concert and me ;) --I was trying to look good, but didn't really end up looking ravishing or anything. Anyway, this is me with my favourite Riviera background.

Somebody told me that there would be fireworks before the concert. There wasn't any. I was disappointed (which is wrong, since I have decided to be environment-friendly, but *shrugs* I love watching them *shame* *hides face*). That wasn't for long though, because Shankar gave a break of about 5 minutes for dinner, during which they had this display of fireworks.

And last, but not the least, here are a few pictures from the concert:


Harshit Gupta: My big big world said...

It's really a great experience going through your blog. Seems like u r a professional already. :)
Keep up the good work.
By the way, there's a doubt. Shankar's concert was on day 4? or 3??
Anyways who cares as long as we get such interesting reporting.
Just loved ur blog.
khair, enjoy the movie.. ( know from ur tweets)
its a lesser known but good one. The Dattani guy, i mean the politician in the making has acted great I feel.
well.... think I've been too much.

Manasa said...

Thank you for the encouraging comment on my blog. Now that you mention about Shankar Mahadevan's concert, I do think it was Day 3. I must've blogged it on the 4th day.

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