Sunday, 10 July 2011


Yet another party. This one was arranged by us, the juniors, as way of giving thanks to the seniors for such a wonderful welcome party last week. So we had to arrange funds, lights, food, drinks (the only reason most people come to the party...unlimited free booze), posters, DJ and other entertainment. Everything went perfectly well except for the uncle we had for a DJ. The bad DJ spoilt the entire experience, though on the bright side this time we were dancing with known people as opposed to random unknown people last week. Now that a week has passed since the last party, you kind of have an idea who your friends are going to be. There's this bond and trust and a feeling of being protected that's built when you dance with your new friends, especially when there are horribly drunk guys around you who have gone loony.

Now now, don't get me wrong. We don't have a party every week. As far as I know, we won't be having another party for a long time. Besides the reason of increasing senior-junior interaction, this one was more of a training for organizing events on short notice. That's the culture over here - the seniors teach the juniors everything they need to know (apart from academics) while at MDI. But then today when we were performing for the seniors, the seniors threw genda phools at us, created a racket with plates from the mess, booed and shooed us, and that honestly looked so cute. They looked like mischievous little kids who only looked like 24 year olds. Someone told me that post-graduate college is not as much fun as under-graduate college because in post-graduate college everyone's grown older and mature and lose that child in them. But I'm having more fun now than I had in my undergrad college. Today's experience makes me realise that students will always be students however old they are.

That reminds me, no matter what college it is - a college with 99%ilers or a college with 80%ilers - everybody cribs about having to study. When I came here I expected everybody to be nerds always engrossed in a book or some sort of project, but reality was much more real. People do most of their academic studies a few days before the exam, like always. This college is no different from any other college, well of course, except for the quality of students and that adds a whole new dimension to learning - learning from and with really smart peers.

I'm going to stop for now. The party has ended. The sun has risen. It's almost 7 a.m. Everybody's gone to bed and so must I. I will continue my bakar in some other post some other day. Good night.

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