Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Bell Bajaao

It's October and it's Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It's a campaign video by Breakthrough to create awareness about domestic violence which needs to be stopped. I wonder why this video isn't on TV, or is it?

Bell bajao - Ring the bell. 2 from MeltingLAB on Vimeo.

See? You don't have to do something really big to make a difference. Just ring the bell.

Courtesy: A Line of Thought


Akshay said...

Nice post out there. See, this ad was on TV a few months back but seems like you haven't noticed it. Domestic violence needs to be stopped and one of my friends was saying that if something like this happens in the neighbourhood, we need to ring the bell in the pretext of getting some sugar or milk from the neighbour.

Anonymous said...

it also can be said that ONLY ringing bell may not work..sometimes u have the switch to the bell inside ur homes!! :P :P but a great initiative anyways...

Manasa said...

@Akshay Glad to know it was on TV. I don't really have continuous access to TV where I stay.

@Narendra Hehe... True! Only ringing bell may not work, but it's a start! You don't really have to be involved with an organization to do it.

Anonymous said...

it's an excellent campaign and needs to be publicised in all regional languages on TV channels that everybody watches.

I had shown the video to my maids and I saw on their faces - a look that said they were surprised and grateful that for once someone said, without blaming them, that DV is wrong. Most women in India believe that some violence is a part of domestic life.

Manasa said...

@indianhomemaker How could any one blame an atrocity on the victim? Is it the woman's fault that her husband comes home drunk every night?

The campaign is an excellent start but it's only a temporary solution to stop the violence occurring at that moment. More needs to be done in this regard. However, I highly appreciate the initiative of the campaign to involve not only the victim, but also the neighbours in helping curb this violence.

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