Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Artwork with Custom Brushes

Photoshop assignment: To create a custom brush and come up with artwork using the brush you just defined. I made five, and I'm posting two of them here. The other three don't warrant any consideration for they are below-average pieces of work.


A Line of Thought said...

Hey, that's an awesome piece of work. I'm art-challenged and have terrible memories of drawing classes :'(

Feel jealous when someone creates something as nice and pleasing as this :)

Manasa said...

Hey thanks so much! :) To tell you the truth I have terrible memories of drawing classes too. I hated those classes... always tried sneaking out of the class :P

Anonymous said...

nice this is...:)havent tweeted in a long time..so what is going on with the training thing? (well i could tweet this anyways..but i wanted to visit ur blog..:P ann comment..i am finding all nitte bloggers and blogrolling themm :P )
where have they decided to put you now :) saw the hhuge building in mysore(in tv) you have training there??cool that it..

god bless you,aLL THE best

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