Friday, 31 July 2009

Beware of Twitter!

There are a million websites out there glorifying Twitter for all the
good that it is doing to the world, so much so that Twitter is being
recommended for the Nobel Peace prize! Twitter is a great site, no
doubt; I myself am totally addicted to Twitter. Twitter has given me
some amazing friends and memories I'll never forget, but a recent
incident opened my eyes to how my addiction to Twitter was having a
negative effect on me.

Here's what happened the other day- I was sitting with my friends in
the lounge area outside the classroom discussing the books we'd picked
to write a review on, as an assignment to be submitted two days later.
Some of my friends had picked Who Moved My Cheese. I'd picked Thinking
About Thinking by K. R. Ravi (an interesting read, btw) and had also
bought Who Moved My Cheese for a bit of light reading. On learning
this, one of my friends said "I have the book. You could've borrowed
it from me. Why did you buy the book?" I replied casually in my
oh-so-enthusiastic tone, "I bought it because I wanted to own it!"
Another friend immediately remarked, "Manasa's replies are so short
and to the point!" There. It struck me. I realised.. that lately I've
been talk-tweeting. Everything I said was equivalent to a tweet, less
than 140 characters! I realised what Twitter had done to me. I'd
forgotten to be elaborate. I'd forgotten that my friends were
interested in details. I'd forgotten that they wanted to know what my
thoughts were. I'd forgotten that they wanted to know every silly
detail. That was when I'd decided that this was it. Twitter was not
going to take over my life this way. Twitter was not going to change
me. Twitter was not going to ruin my almost non-existent communication
skills. So I'd decided to draw the line and limit my access to Twitter
until my brain reverted back to normal-state. I'm just glad that
realisation dawned on me and now I'm back to normal! :D

So people, beware! Twitter has its bad side too.

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aak said...

i agree twitter may affect my writing. Difficult to believe, same with conversation. :) I'll keep watching.

Vigneshwar said...

In a way it did good to you.Sometimes being to the point helps..

athish said...

u r right, the more gadget going we become the more far we move from reality...
it should be there in limt...

syd3n said...

i don't think speech and writing are in as much of a brain-power sync that you doesn't speak the same way they write.

A Line of Thought said...

I say you should balance Twitter and Blogger equally to avoid such situations ;)

Vigneash said...

Well, it is tru tat twitter has changed the tweeple.... i cannot control the urge to tweet out the very moment i feel sth. sth we should think upon.

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