Friday, 26 November 2010

The Japanese Are Crazy

But more than that, they are creative. Very very creative. While on the one hand, they come up with the craziest TV shows, on the other hand they come up with the most moving ads (and crazy ones too). This particular ad almost moved me to tears.
No, I'm not spending my days watching ads on YouTube. I'm just digging up and posting old favourited videos that still move me as much as they did the first time I watched them.

Speaking of creative ads, I also loved the recent Indigo Airlines "On time" ad by W+K. Very nicely done. Makes me stop whatever I'm doing to watch the ad.

That also reminds me. The recent Mobile Number Portability ads by Idea that use "No Idea, Get Idea" as a punchline -- very clever. I just wish they'd let Abhishek Bachchan say "That's what" instead of "Get Idea". The ads would've made a greater impact once people got why AB says "That's what". If you watch closely, you'll see "Get Idea" was dubbed later into the ads. Nevertheless, it was clever. Not great, but clever.

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