Saturday, 27 February 2010

Of Fourth Estate, climate change and the worst ad ever - part2

our neighbours. Shiv Sena slammed SRK's views on this. So what's the
big deal? Why did the media make it an issue? Would the media do the
same thing if it happened to Rakhi Sawant? Day after day... the media
just didn't get enough. As if there weren't more important things
happening around the globe. Barkha Dutt, you too? :(

So climate change isn't happening. Does that mean you can continue
polluting the environment? Is there something called 'too early to go
green'? Countries need not make carbon cuts as high as 40% or even
25%. Now that climate change isn't happening, we could start with 15%.
It's never too early to mend.

1411 tigers left. I get that. Now what? How is blogging about it going
to help the tigers? What a stupid useless campaign. Apprehend the
people who are involved in killing the tigers. What's the public
supposed to do? There are issues bigger than saving tigers. The 'Save
Fuel' campaign makes more sense to me. Their ads are very good and
effective. They hit you where it hurts the most. The pocket.

Bikini-clad woman and J K Cement. Worst ad ever. What were they
thinking? The ad guys who made it (and approved it) must be total

The opposition walked out of the Lok Sabha when the Finance Minister,
P Chidambaram announced a hike in petrol and diesel prices in the
Budget session today. Is resorting to such substandard tactics the
only way to show resentment and disagreement? Sigh. Anyway, I thought
hiking prices wasn't such a bad idea. I don't know if climate change
and environment pollution was on PC's mind when he decided to hike
prices, but it is a good move if that was what made him do it. People
will now judiciously use fuel and contribute towards a greener

Is there a movie on Nelson Mandela?


Akshay said...

It's sad to know that the finance minister hiked the fuel prices even when we're battling with never-before inflation. By the way, the name of the Finance Minister is Pranab Mukherjee and P. Chidambaram is the Home Minister. Yes, there is a movie on Nelson Mandela's life and it is known as "Invictus" directed by Clint Eastwood. I agree with your view on the JK Cement but I remember seeing ads worse than this one.

Manasa said...

@Akshay Oops! Yes, Pranab Mukherjee. I blame the time of the night I wrote the post for the mistake. Should've saved it in drafts, proofread it and posted it the next morning. I find too many mistakes now. If I cared a wee bit less about air pollution then I completely agree, it is sad that the fuel prices have been hiked. Gonna burn big holes in pockets given the inflation crisis.

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