Friday, 13 November 2009

The Little Sacrifices She Makes

The incident just happened. It's almost insignificant, but what struck me after that is what is making me write this post. Mum had come home for lunch. She wasn't supposed to come home today, but she had to because she had forgotten some documents that she needed at work. While mum was searching for the documents in a folder, I was arranging lunch in the kitchen. I noticed there was dal and curry enough for just one person (We thought there was enough food for two and so no lunch was cooked). Instinctively, I served all of the dal and a major quantity of the curry along with rice on mum's plate and handed over the plate for mum to relish. As mum began to eat, I went back into the kitchen and served rice and the remaining curry on my plate. Since there was no dal, I picked up curd from the refrigerator to mix with rice. I then went to the dining table where mum was having lunch and sat down. When she saw my plate her jaw dropped. "What?" I asked.
"Why are you eating rice with curd?"
"Because I want to eat rice with curd today"
The pathetic liar that I am, mum knew I was lying.
"Did you serve all of the dal on my plate?", she asked.
"Ummm... yeah"
After a second's silence she said, "I'm supposed to do that for you."

That was when it struck me. God alone knows how many times mum compromised with her things just to make me or my sister or my dad comfortable, and the number of times such small sacrifices go unnoticed. We don't even realise that mums do these things. They do all these things without complaining, ever, without even hinting that they're doing it, without expecting anything in return. And what do we give them in return?

That is why they say, "God cannot be everywhere, that's why he made mothers"


Akshay said...

Excellent post there Manasa!! The small sacrifices she makes often goes unnoticed. Please don't think it's insignificant to write about it, because it carries a lot of weight. You beautifully summed up the post in a gist in the last line. Awesome writing and keep up the good work!! :D.

Anonymous said...

Manasa not only should we not not take their sacrifices for granted, we should even refuse to allow them to make these sacrifices - just like you did.

Do take a look at the response to a post I once wrote, here

A Line of Thought said...

I agree with IHM here. I feel quite bad when I see my Mom/Dad compromise on some things to keep us happy. I try my best to make sure they don't have to do that for us.

Anonymous said...
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