Saturday, 13 September 2008

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I participated in the divider contest on Smashing Magazine few weeks ago. I sent five entries, out of which four made it to the website, though it didn't make it to the top 25. Not that I ever expected mine to make it there; I'm just an amateur and would never stand a chance against so many professional graphic designers that participated. I'm happy that mine even made it to their website. It boosted my morale and confidence. Just getting selected among the 1000 designs that they received is good enough for me.

Here are the four designs that made it:
And the one that didn't make it (I'm assuming it was because it was too big for a divider):
If anybody wants to use my designs, they may do so without any restrictions whatsoever, that is why these designs were made.
Read more about it, or see more amazing dividers here: [Smashing Magazine]


Insomniac said...

Cool :)

divinediu said...

loved them all! :D

Lakshmi Mareddy said...

Commendable Effort Manasa!!!
I left some comments earlier, but cant see them.. I liked the knot and the cat..

Manasa said...

Insomniac, thank you.

Divya, I'm glad you loved them. I love your blog too. You write really well. Keep it up.

Lakshmi, thank you so much for the compliments. Honestly, the cat and the knot were my least liked dividers. I'm glad there's at least one person who likes them. :). As for the previous comments, I didn't find them on my dashboard, sorry. I love your Chilligava blog, for it's happy design. Congratulations for making it to DesignShack! That's awesome!

Vigneshwar said...

child is too good
in btw me adding u to my bloglist and i am goin to follow ur blog hope permission is granted:)

Manasa said...

Vigneshwar, thank you. I'm flattered that you are following my blog. You don't really have to ask, do you? =)

Pratiba Bhat said...

I can see a sort of innocense in your work. Keep it up. :)

Manasa said...

Thank you, Pratiba! :)

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