Thursday, 10 April 2008

Front view


Anonymous said...

so ur from Nitte too?? cool meeting up another blogger.
how much did u pay for the lappy?

Manasa said...

I feel good too to read a blog from a fellow Nitteite, Kenneth.

Btw, I paid Rs.52000, including taxes, delivery charges etc etc.

Vigneshwar said...

hey even me from nitte
was reading ur blog for a while (pride of nitte to be exact)
but feared to comment on SENIOR'S blog
hope i can add u on blogroll/:-)

Anonymous said...

k there are couple more bloggers from Nitte. some are on my blogroll. going to make quite a lot of ppl start soon.

Manasa said...

Vigneshwar, I'd love to receive your comments. No fear, ok?

Anonymous said...

wat do u think abt this config dell vostro 1400... being iit students we are getting that for 41k, tht is a 20k discount!

do u think its good enuff, to go for it??
btw.. ive just used dad's lenovo with centrino m processor sometimes.. havnt owned a laptop yet.

CPU Intel R T7500 Core 2 duo Processor @2.2 GHz, Integrated 4MB L2 Cache, 800 MHz FSB
MOTHERBOARD Integrated Intel 945PM Chipset
VRAM NVIDIA(R) GeForce (TM) 8400M GS with 128 MB DDR3 Dedicated Graphics Memory
RAM 2GB RAM 667 MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM
HARD DISK 160 GB (7200 RPM) SATA Hard Drive
DISPLAY 14.1” WXGA Display
WIFI IntelR PRO/Wireless 3945 (802.11 a/g) Mini PCI
LAN 10/100 Ethernet card
MODEM Internal Modem with Cable
DVD /RW Internal 8X DVD+/-RW dual layer with software CD

CARD READER 8 in 1 Media Card reader, 1 Express card Slot
Battery 6-Cell 56Whr lithium Ion Primary Battery
Operating System Genuine Windows Vista Business
Extras 90W AC Adapter, 8-in-1 media Card Reader, Dell(TM) Back Pack
Warranty 1 year On site Warranty

Manasa said...

Aditya, I liked the configuration of the laptop. It's got pretty good features, but I'd like to add a thought here. Nowadays, Bluray technology is coming up; so, I think it would be a good idea for you to wait until laptops incorporate this technology (and that's going to happen very soon). Unless you're in urgent need of a laptop, I think you could wait for a while. Otherwise, I think you can go for the Vostro 1400 laptop.

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